Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello World

I am a Bachelor of Physics, going for my Ph.D. in astrophysics. I am also an aspiring novelist for the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. I have started this blog in order to become a better writer by penning my thoughts and to share the stories I write with whomever may be interested.

When I was very young, my father showed me Star Wars. This awakened in me a passion for sci-fi that has ever since flourished. Throughout the years, I have scrambled for fantastic experiences wherever they are found: movies, TV shows, video games, books, comics, anime, and more. Theater is the one major medium that I never was interested in. I cannot say exactly why this is so, but perhaps the reason for this will be discovered through the discussions of future posts.

As I continued to surround myself with as much fiction as possible, I began to have ideas seed themselves in my mind—stories of my own that no one had written before. Believing myself a genius, I wrote down everything that popped into my head. Most of it was simply brainstorming, but once in a while I actually started the narrative. Later, though, I realized that my writing sucked, and I would have to scrap what I had done so far. This happened many times, and I ended up throwing out many of the ideas I had come up with, putting them in a “secondary ideas” folder to be remembered, but never used.

Eventually I realized that I should wait and learn and practice my skills more before attempting to unleash my magnum opus upon the world. To date, I have a humble finished collection of one single short story called The Gravekeeper’s House, which I will share with you sometime in the near future. My current project is a fanfiction of Bionicle, written for a general audience, not just for those familiar with the official story. I’ll talk about this more in later posts. My long-term plan is to write many practice stories, and eventually, once my skills improve enough, to start sending them to publication agents.

So what will the future of this blog hold? The goal I set myself is for a new post every Friday. There will be several types of discussions, in which I will talk about tools for telling good stories, specific tropes and clich├ęs, and how to explore real issues in fictional worlds. Other times, I will discuss specific stories or franchises, detailing exactly what I like and don’t like about them, and how they relate to me personally. Expect to see one of these soon after Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out in a few weeks, as well as a countdown series for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And of course, I will post, link to, and/or promote all stories I finish. This blog will be a journey, a story in itself, and I don’t have any particular destination in mind except forward.

I look forward to this endeavor, and I hope you will ride along with me. I already have nearly 40 potential topics to cover. With three quarters of a year’s worth of topics to choose from, and plenty more to come along the way, I don’t think I will have any trouble keeping up. So check back next week. Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you.

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